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New game-changing software


Made by interiorscapers for interiorscapers

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Helps you save a significant amount of time you would otherwise spend on admin tasks
Streamlines and improves the transparency and efficiency of all your operational processes
Assists you in prioritizing what's important: taking care of your plants and your customers
Green Plant

Our software

At One Big Green, we're passionate about empowering plant service companies to flourish.

Our cutting-edge software solution is crafted by interiorscapers with nearly two decades of industry expertise. We understand the unique challenges faced by plant service businesses, from managing diverse portfolios to streamlining operational workflows. Our software is meticulously designed to automate processes, optimize resources, and elevate service quality.

With One Big Green, plant service companies can bid farewell to time-consuming tasks and focus on delivering impeccable service to their valued customers. Join us in embracing innovation and transforming the landscape of plant service management.

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